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We provide short- and long-term rental services of trucks, vans and trailers. Operating and maintenance costs are transferred to DBK Rental (except for fuel and driver costs).

Apart from standard rental periods with a regular monthly instalment, we offer flexible solutions depending on the duration of the contract. We are also ready to adapt our fleet to the expectations and characteristics of the customer’s business.

What are the benefits of vehicles rental ?

Support from DBK Rental specialists

We will help you to choose the vehicles that suit your business needs.

What are the benefits
of vehicles rental?

For transport and distribution companies looking for a large and unified fleet with a comprehensive service at home and abroad, and for companies looking for ad hoc solutions due to overbooking and the hot season on the market.

Optimal order management.

Rental is a perfect solution for a dynamically changing market.

Saving time and resources

You manage a company, you work on new orders, and during this time we take care of your fleet and its service, renting a delivery van has never been so easy.

Maintaining your
investment capability

Renting a fleet of vehicles, you do not block your own capital and do not have any problems with the loss of value of purchased vehicles. It is a safe solution if you are planning new investments in the futuree.

Easier company budget management

Using a rental, your usage costs are constant, planned and granted in advance under the contract.

After-sales service

The customer does not pay any additional costs for the operation of the fleet – possible breakdowns and servicing of the vehicles are the responsibility of DBK Rental.

Industries of our customers:

Transport and logistics

Specialized transport

Construction Industry

Production and distribution

Trade and services

Courier services

Industrial production

Public services

Long-term rentals DBK Rental

Thank to our offer, entrepreneurs can constantly use new vehicles, which are not burdensome to operate and do not generate high repair costs. In the short term option, sudden fleet problems are solved or more ambitious orders requiring additional transport tasks in a short time may be realized. Medium and long term rental is a solution that provides more than convenience.

The entrepreneur saves time and minimizes the workload to keep the fleet fully operational. He only deals with management, focusing on the optimal use of means of transport.

Comprehensive offer

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