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Fleet Tractor units

We specialize in the rental of vehicles for international transport.

We have one of the largest truck tractor fleets in Poland and Europe. We focus on the best solutions, therefore we offer our customers proven brands and models that will ensure the highest level of service.

Available models: DAF, MAN and Volvo.

Tractor MAN TGX

The MAN TGX is one of the most frequently chosen models among our customers.

It is characterized by high reliability, modern interior design, a variety of variants and options.

Modern engines ensure high efficiency and economy, while the aerodynamic design of the cab reduces fuel consumption and thus the vehicle’s operating costs.

One of the largest cabs in its class, equipped with many shelves and solutions affecting the ergonomics of the driver’s workplace. High comfort of driving and rest.

Cabs: XXL

Motor: 460, 470 and 510 hp


Tractor DAF XF

High-end engines and modern transmissions used in the DAF XF guarantee low fuel consumption and high torque in all conditions.

This model is valued for its spacious cab with plenty of space and extensive equipment, which ensures a high level of driver comfort even on the longest route.

The modern design makes the car stand out from its competitors and attracts attention.


  • Super Space Cab,
  • Space Cab

Frame height:

  • lowdeck,
  • standard

Engines: 480 hp and other options available on request

Tractor Volvo FH

An expert in long-distance transport, offering comfort, safety and cost-effectiveness.

The refined shapes of the spoilers and the cab contribute to the reduction of air resistance and, consequently, to a more efficient use of every drop of fuel.

The ergonomically designed cab guarantees exceptional interior space, even for tall drivers – the height of the cab is 220 cm from the engine cover.

The I-Shift transmission with creeper gears and the I-see system analyzing road topography data ensure fuel economy and the most efficient engine operation – in any situation on the road.

All Volvo Trucks engines comply with the Euro 6 emissions standard, while ensuring low fuel consumption and high efficiency.

Globetrotter XL

Frame height:

  • lowdeck
  • Standard


460/500 hp and other options available on request

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