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Fleet Semi trailers Curtain semi-trailers

One of the most popular types of semi-trailers in Poland. Such a situation results from the construction of this type of semi-trailers, which enables transport of various types of goods.

Their solid and durable construction will prove itself in all conditions. Such semi-trailers are called “fast loading trailers” and this is due to the use of extendable stanchions, which allows for lateral loading with a forklift truck.

Another advantage is the raised roof, which additionally increases the functionality of the trailer. Solutions used in such trailers have a positive impact on the convenience of operation, loading and unloading time and operating costs.

Curtain trailers are ideal for transporting goods arranged in bulk, packaged collectively or placed on pallets. Semi-trailers are offered in two options: standard and mega, which has a lower frame. Thanks to this solution, the loading space can be used more efficiently.


Box trailer Standard K.SCSX

Box trailer Mega K.SCSM


Curtain trailer standard S24P 90/1.100 /

Curtain trailer MEGA S24P 90/910

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